Free Test File

Download this free test file to try before you buy.If you’re not sure you can download and print PDF files (such as the Printable Bow Tie Templates), you can obtain a FREE test file PDF simply by clicking the button below. This test file is the same as the printable bow tie template files, except there is no bow tie template on it. It is three pages (just like the bow tie templates) and includes instructions and a grid printed in the background to help you align the pages together.

Why do I offer this free Test File?

Not everyone is accustomed to purchasing, downloading and saving files onto their computer. Although it is easy to do, I used to receive a lot of emails from users asking where their files went after they downloaded them. With this free test file, now you can “try before you buy”. If you can download and open this file, then you should have no problem doing the same with my other printable¬†files.

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