Sturdy Acrylic Templates

Sturdy Acrylic Bow Tie Sewing Templates

Now Available Individually!

HandmadeByRobots_560You no longer have to do it yourself when it comes to getting your own set of sturdy acrylic bow tie sewing templates made! Now four of my most popular bow tie template styles are available individually, ready-made, and in-stock/ready to ship to you. No more fiddling with complicated design file instructions. No more figuring out the whole process of laser-cutting acrylic yourself. No more purchasing all of the shapes at once. And most importantly, no more waiting weeks for your templates to arrive! Bonus: they’re made by laser-wielding robots under my command!

Previously, if you wanted to upgrade your bow tie making from paper or cardboard templates, you had to commit to investing around $75 + shipping for an entire set of seven templates, AND you had to do it yourself. I only sold the design file with instructions on how to use a laser-cutting service to get your templates made, not the templates themselves. (The design file is still available, if you prefer to DIY.)

Which Shapes?

I’ve chosen the top four best-selling shapes (from a total of eight designs available) from my Printable Bow Tie Templates series—which are great for one-offs and prototyping, BTW—and made them into sturdy acrylic templates for you.

Pro Tip: you can download the corresponding printable if you want a low-cost way to try the shape out before you commit to purchasing an acrylic template!

[cryout-multi][cryout-column width=”1/3″] Butterfly Bow Tie Pattern[/cryout-column] [cryout-column width=”2/3″]

The Classic Butterfly

This is the most traditional shape bow tie there is. Suitable for every face type. If you’re not sure which shape to get, start here. This template should be the go-to tool in any bow tie maker’s kit.

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[/cryout-column] [/cryout-multi]
[cryout-multi][cryout-column width=”1/3″] Diamond Point Bow Tie Pattern[/cryout-column] [cryout-column width=”2/3″]

The Diamond Point

More fashion-forward than a traditional butterfly, this bow tie shape connotes distinction and sophistication upon the wearer. Made in solid color silk, this shape is a perfect formal bow tie for weddings and special events. Alternatively, it can look very modern and fashionable when made in a patterned fabric.

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[/cryout-column] [/cryout-multi]
[cryout-multi][cryout-column width=”1/3″] Traditional Diamond Point Bow Tie[/cryout-column] [cryout-column width=”2/3″]

The Traditional Diamond Point

Unusual. Hip. Modern, and yet classic. Timeless. This is the diamond point mentioned above, but rendered with some of the butterfly’s curves. Slightly more challenging to make due to the curves, but you’re not going to let that slow you down, are you?

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[/cryout-column] [/cryout-multi]
[cryout-multi][cryout-column width=”1/3″]Rounded Bow Tie Pattern [/cryout-column] [cryout-column width=”2/3″]


Not afraid to be bold, this shape is subtle, and yet makes a strong fashion statement. Will soften an angular face, and make a round face appear moreso. Gives the wearer a more open, friendlier appearance.

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How are the templates used?

Adjustable bow ties are made in two ends of unequal length, joined by pieces of hardware. Since one side of the bow tie is shorter than the other, my sturdy acrylic bow tie templates come with a removable long “tail”. To cut fabric for the shorter end, simply leave this long tail off of the template. Snap the tail onto the template to cut the other pieces of fabric for the long end.

Another way to use the templates is to leave the long tail attached, and cut all your fabric to the same length. Then you can simply take two of the four pieces, and trim off the unneeded long tail. (Trim it at the same point where the template joins the tail.) Using this method may allow you to stack four layers of fabric to be cut all at once.

Note: Individual templates each come with one tail. Sets come with one tail you can interchange between templates. Additional tails available separately. Combo sets and additional tails are available here.

You can see these sturdy laser-cut acrylic templates in use in my free online tutorial, How To Make Your Own Bow Ties.

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