Sturdy Acrylic Bow Tie Template Set

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Sturdy Acrylic Bow Tie Template Sets - Handmade by RobotsThis sturdy acrylic bow tie template set comes with everything you need to make four different shapes of bow ties (except the fabric, of course). Includes these popular styles: Butterfly, Diamond Point, Traditional Diamond Point, and Rounded, plus one interchangeable long tail. Additional tails are available separately. Instructions included.

Benefits of sturdy acrylic bow tie template sets vs. paper templates

  • They’re sturdy, unlike flimsy paper templates.
  • They’re ready to use as soon as you get them. With paper templates, you have to print, cut and assemble them.
  • They’re clear, allowing you to position them on the fabric precisely. No more crooked stripes!
  • They’re weighty, helping to keep the fabric flat while you cut.
  • They’re thick, helping you avoid cutting accidents.
  • And, they’re made by laser-wielding robots!

Each template is made of 4.5mm thick clear acrylic, with an interchangeable length. Leave the long tail off to cut the short end of the bow tie. Snap the long tail onto the template to cut the long end of the bow tie. (You can follow the step-by-step tutorial here.)

To use, simply place the template on your fabric and trace around the template with a rotary cutter to cut the fabric. Alternatively, you can use a fabric marker or pencil to draw the outline onto the fabric and cut it with ordinary fabric shears.

You’ll find more useful tips and tricks for using these sturdy acrylic bow tie templates here. Still have questions? Ask them here.


Templates come with the printed instructions shown here. You may download these to print at home if needed.


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