Printable Necktie Sewing Patterns [Beta]

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Make your own custom neckties with these printable PDF sewing patterns! Choose from standard width or skinny. Prints on nine (9) pages of printer paper.

This item is currently under development (beta testing), and no instructions are yet available. Price will increase once product is at full release.

Try before you buy: Download the FREE Test PDF first if you’re unsure about downloading and printing PDF patterns.

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Make your own custom neckties with these printable PDF necktie sewing patterns, now in beta testing*.

About the Shapes

[cryout-multi][cryout-column width=”1/4″]Necktie Pattern (Beta)[/cryout-column] [cryout-column width=”3/4″]

3¼″ Standard Necktie

At 3¼″ wide, it is a contemporary “standard” width. Looks good on anyone. Never goes out of style. The tie is 57″ long as drafted, but you can easily alter the pattern to make it longer or shorter as necessary. [/cryout-column] [/cryout-multi] [cryout-multi][cryout-column width=”1/4″]Skinny Necktie Pattern (Beta)[/cryout-column] [cryout-column width=”3/4″]

2½″ Skinny Necktie

Skinny ties (currently the height of fashion) look best on a tall/slender frame. Perfect for that slim-cut shirt or suit.[/cryout-column] [/cryout-multi]

Download the Pattern(s)

Pattern files (PDF) are available for immediate download once checkout is complete. The link appears on the order confirmation page, as well as in your order confirmation email and on your My Account page when you’re logged in. The link to download the pattern expires in 24 hours or 5 downloads, whichever comes first. Please download it to a safe spot where you know you’ll be able to find it, such as your computer’s desktop. Expired links cannot be re-issued. If you have not downloaded the file(s) when the link is about to expire, a reminder email (and tweet, if you’ve entered your Twitter @handle during checkout) will be sent. No reminders are sent if you’ve already downloaded the file(s).

You’ll need a PDF reader to open and print the pattern. Adobe Reader or Preview are free; one of these is probably already installed on your computer. If you have any doubts about your ability to download, save, open and print PDFs, please try the FREE Test PDF before you make a purchase.

Pattern Assembly Instructions

You will need scissors (or rotary cutter and cutting mat), and tape to assemble the pattern. A clear ruler will help make the cutting go fast, too. With careful use, the pattern will be usable for many ties, and you can always re-print the pattern from the file if you save it.

  • Purchase, download, save and print the sewing pattern. Be sure to turn off FIT TO PAGE or SCALING. (Print at 100%.) The pattern will print on nine (9) pieces of US Letter size (8½” x 11”) or A4 size paper in LANDSCAPE mode. With a ruler, measure the grid squares in the background to make sure your printer hasn’t enlarged or reduced the pattern; the large squares should equal 1 inch.
  • Carefully cut apart all the pattern pieces. Each piece is numbered to help you keep track of them.
  • Tape the pattern pieces together with clear tape, following the guides to help match up the correct pieces. Do not overlap the pieces. When you’ve assembled all the pattern pieces, there should be 7 shapes:
  1. Front (Main fabric, bias cut)
  2. Front Middle (Main fabric, bias cut)
  3. Front Tail (Main fabric, bias cut)
  4. Lining, Main (Lining fabric)
  5. Lining, Tail (Lining fabric)
  6. Interlining (Interfacing fabric)
  7. Keeper (Main fabric)

Pattern pieces 1, 2, and 3 will be sewn together to form one long piece. You may also divide the interlining pattern if necessary. (If your interlining fabric isn’t long enough, for example.)

The finished shape of the tie is shown (in yellow) on pattern pieces 1, 2 and 3. A centerline is drawn down the center for your convenience. Please note: Necktie Sewing Patterns are not exactly symmetrical—this is intentional. The main pattern is a little wider on the right side than the left. This is so that there is a slight overlap when the tie is folded and stitched closed.

*These patterns are still in development (beta testing), and come with no instructions. The price is discounted until the products are in full release. Please send any comments or feedback about patterns in beta to help improve the product.


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