Mandarin/Gold Silk Handmade Bow Tie

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It has been said that 95% of the people who wear bow ties wear them because 95% of people don’t. This handsome model connotes luxury and bestows a keen sense of fashion upon the wearer. Don it creatively as part of a semi-casual ensemble, or wear it as the focal point of your business attire.

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This handmade bow tie is a limited-edition adjustable bow tie in vintage Mandarin Glasgall* Silk. Made by hand by J. Thomson in his Philadelphia studio.


Adjustable self-tied, approximately 14½″ – 18″. Comes pre-tied. You can keep it tied and remove it by unhooking the adjustable hook at the back, unlike most commercial bow ties. Or you may choose to re-tie it each time it is worn; the choice is yours.


Large Straight Butterfly, approximately 5″ wide x 2¾″ high.


Vintage Glasgall 100% Silk* in Mandarin (lustrous red-orange with gold).


Limited edition, handmade. As the fabric is vintage and limited to only a small quantity, no more than three (3) ties in this fabric can be made.

About Vintage Glasgall Silk

*Glasgall Silk was a short-lived division (est. 2001) of New Jersey-based Weave Corporation, producing 100% silk for upholstery and interior decoration. The fabric was designed at the company’s design office in Pennsylvania and produced overseas since no silk manufacturing takes place in the United States.

The company was named for Weave Corporation’s predecessor, Maurice Glasgall. Glasgall wove silk shantung and other fabrics in his mill in Paterson, New Jersey, starting in 1924. By the early 50s, silk had become scarce because of the Communist take-over in China, so the Paterson mill began weaving rayon, the cellulosic synthetic that mimics silk in many ways. In 1954, Robert Berkley, Glasgall’s son-in-law, purchased a small mill in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and started Weave Corporation. The two companies worked in tandem until Glasgall’s death in 1967, when the Paterson mill was closed. Weave Corporation was taken over by a group of investors in 2010, led by American Silk Mills based in Philadelphia, PA.

The Glasgall silk I use for making ties comes from small swatches of the fabric recently discovered and rescued from the landfill for which they were previously destined. It is all New Old Stock, meaning that it has never been used even though it is old.

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Dimensions 8.5 x 3 x .75 in