DIY Acrylic Bow Tie Templates Design File (

Make your own set of seven laser-cut clear acrylic templates for cutting fabric with this design file, following the instructions below. Each sturdy template is the exact shape and size required to make bow ties. The design file includes seven shapes: Butterfly, Straight Butterfly, Large Straight Butterfly, Diamond Point, Large Diamond Point, Straight and Narrow, and Rounded.

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If you make a lot of bow ties like I do, you’ll want to have a set of bow tie templates much sturdier than the printable paper templates sold here. Using a laser-cutting service such as*, you can make your own sturdy acrylic templates to make cutting bow tie fabric much easier and efficient. Just follow the instructions below to get your own set of seven bow tie templates.

Of interest especially to bow tie makers outside the US, where shipping ready-made bow tie templates would be cost-prohibitive. Ponoko has making hubs around the world (currently in the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and New Zealand.)

Note: Expect to pay around US$65 + shipping for making the acrylic templates. That’s less than $10 each! 

How To Ponoko

Ordering Instructions

Click the “Buy This at Ponoko” button above.

You’ll be taken to the product page for this item at Ponoko is the online laser-cutting service you’ll use to make your templates.

Log in or create an account at

When you purchase the design file at Ponoko, it will automatically be loaded into your account—you don’t need to download/upload anything!

Click “Add Materials” and then “add a material.” Select only these options:

  • Material Type: Plastic, Acrylic – Clear
  • Thickness: 4.5mm
  • Size: P3 – 790mm x 384mm

Make it!

Click on the “Make It” button. You’ll need to enter your payment information and shipping address too. 

* is not affiliated in any way with I receive no compensation whatsoever from Ponoko, except through sales of this design file. Ponoko is one of many laser-cutting services available, however this design file has been designed specifically to work with Ponoko’s laser cutting machines. This file is no longer available to purchase for use with services other than Ponoko.

If you don’t want to use Ponoko’s laser-cutting service to make these templates, you may purchase them individually here.


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