Chocolate/Copper Reversible Bow Tie

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This unique bow tie is made from an unusual fabric that is actually two layers of different fabric joined together by embroidered circles. One side is lustrous chocolate brown with copper-colored dots. The reverse side is, well, reversed (dark chocolate colored dots on a light copper background.) Since this tie is reversible, you can wear it several different ways depending on what side you want to show most prominently.

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This was a difficult bow tie to make, due to the additional layers of fabric. But the result was well worth the extra effort. The subdued hues of this reversible bow tie and its traditional shape are offset by the fun and whimsical polka dots.


Adjustable, approximately 13″ – 17″


Large Straight Butterfly, approximately 5″ wide x 2½″ high.


Ships pre-tied as shown. However, this is a self-tie bow tie which means that you can tie and un-tie it. Can be worn with either the dark or the light side showing. Unlike most commercial bow ties, you can also choose to leave the knot tied, and remove it by unhooking the clasp at the back.


Vintage (New Old Stock/Previously unused). Lustrous chocolate brown background with lustrous copper-colored circles embroidery, reverses to lustrous copper with chocolate brown circles embroidery.


Very limited edition. Only a few ties in this fabric will ever be made.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8.5 x 3 x .75 in