Printable Bow Tie Sewing Patterns

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Make your own adjustable bow ties with these printable (PDF) bow tie sewing patterns! Choose from eight (8) shapes. Each pattern prints on 3 pages of US Letter or size A4 paper.

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Make your own adjustable bow ties in eight (8) shapes with these printable bow tie sewing patterns! Each pattern has been carefully designed with style and ease-of-use in mind. Bow ties are adjustable for neck sizes between 14½″ to 20″ (add or subtract additional length as necessary.) These bow tie sewing patterns include a ¼″ seam allowance. Step-by-step sewing instructions can be found on this page: DIY Bow Tie Tutorial: Make Your Own Bow Ties.

Each pattern prints on three (3) pages of US Letter size (8½″ x 11″) or A4 size paper. Pattern assembly instructions included. PDF is available for immediate download once you complete the checkout process. The link will appear on the “thank you” order confirmation page, as well as in the order confirmation email sent to you. Links to download the patterns expire in 24 hours or 5 downloads, whichever occurs first. Please note: expired links cannot be re-sent.

About the Bow Tie Sewing Patterns

Butterfly bow tie sewing pattern


The most traditional bow tie shape. This is a medium sized butterfly, and is flattering for most facial shapes and body types. If you’re not sure which pattern to get, try this one.

Diamond Point bow tie sewing pattern

Diamond Point:

The Diamond Point Bow Tie is a bit more modern and fashion-forward than a standard butterfly bow tie.

Large Diamond Point bow tie sewing pattern

Large Diamond Point:

Makes the biggest (widest) bow tie of all the patterns. The finished tie measures about 6″ wide x 2¼″ high, and is best suited for big and tall persons.

Traditional Diamond Point Bow Tie Sewing Pattern

Traditional Diamond Point:

This is a traditional diamond point, with all the curves! Finished bow tie measures approximately 5¼” wide x 2½” high.

Small Straight Butterfly bow tie sewing pattern

Straight Butterfly:

Similar to the regular butterfly bow tie, but it’s a little easier to cut and sew since there are no curves. This pattern will make a bow tie that measures about 2″ high x 5″ wide.

Large Straight Butterfly bow tie sewing pattern

Large Straight Butterfly:

Subtly different from the regular butterfly bow tie, but it’s a little easier to cut and sew since there are no curves. The finished bow is about 2½″ high x 5¼″ wide when tied. Ideal for the beginner or inexperienced seamster looking for a classic bow tie shape.

Straight and Narrow bow tie sewing pattern

Straight and Narrow:

The slimmest design of all. Think Pee-Wee Herman and Malcolm X. Best suited for slim builds.

Rounded bow tie sewing pattern


The round ends of this design give the bow tie a unique (but subtle) look. Perfect for the man who wants something just a bit different.

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  1. Benjamin (verified owner)

    The patterns make for some good bowties I have made 2 of them so far, the butterfly and the large diamond. My only complaint is about the large diamond I felt as if it was too small for a large diamond. This was easy enough to fix though as I just blew up the image before printing and then merged it to the correct neck portion.
    The instructions were very easy to follow. I have about 10 more bowties left to make and am excited to get them done.

    • Jay (verified owner)

      Thanks, Benjamin! How large did you make your LDP? The Large Diamond Point pattern is the largest design in the set… it makes a bow tie about 2.5 inches high x 5.5 – 6 inches wide (which is pretty big for a bow tie!) But I’m glad you found a solution.

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