Aggressively Argyle: Two looks in one bow tie
DIY-ARG-TDP-DIAAggressively Argyle DIY Bow TiesAggressively Argyle DIY Bow Ties

Aggressively Argyle DIY Bow Tie Kit

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Product Description

Now you can make your own bow ties one at a time! This DIY Bow Tie Kit has everything you need to make one (1) bow tie: printed 100% organic cotton sateen fabric (18″ x 28″) in your choice of color and bow tie shape, one (1) set of adjustable hardware, and sewing instructions. You choose the design (Aggressively Argyle, in this case), and pick your choice of seven (7) colors and six (6) shapes/styles from the available options shown above (That’s a total of 84 different looks!). Also includes a handy “how to tie a bow tie” guide.

You supply basic sewing skills and tools. (You’ll need scissors or rotary cutter & cutting matpinsthread and sewing machine.  Interfacing is optional.) Simple instructions are printed right on the fabric, or you can follow the step-by-step tutorial here.

Aggressively Argyle - Maticora


Like its namesake, the Blue Malayasian Coral Snake (Maticora bivirgata, reclassified in 2001 as Calliophis bivirgatus,) this Argyle sports a deep blue and lighter blue coloring.

Aggressively Argyle - Diamondback


Much like its namesake, the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, this bright yellow Argyle pattern refuses to go unnoticed.

Aggressively Argyle - Terrapin


A pattern of dark blue, green and cream make up this earthy design.

Aggressively Argyle - Tawny


Tawny tones of tan and taupe tell a tale of tact in this classic Argyle pattern.

Aggressively Argyle - Mamba



Aggressively Argyle - Thamnophis


Colorful, yet harmless… just like its namesake, better known as the Garter Snake.

Aggressively Argyle - Pantherophis


The beautiful black and grey diamond-shaped patterns of the nonvenomous Pantherophis Obsoletus inspired the look of this classic pattern.

Designed and Printed in the USA

Designed & Printed in the USA

Designed in Pennsylvania. Fabric printed in North Carolina.


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