ACME Studio Rollerball Pen

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Genuine ACME Studio Rollerball Pens at clearance prices while they last!

Each pen comes in its original foam-lined gift tin, with one high-quality ceramic ball refill made in Germany, and a form to order more by mail.

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This rollerball is one of the fine writing instruments by ACME Studio that make great gifts for artists, architects, professors, scientists and other free-thinkers.

Its lacquer finish is applied by hand over brass. The weight of the brass is what gives this rollerball its noticeable heft, which conveys quality. It also relieves pressure from the writer’s hand, making the writing effortless.

The cartridge is a high quality ceramic rollerball made in Germany. Refills are easily available by internet/mail order, and at authorized ACME Studio retailers.

As a former authorized ACME Studio dealer, I am now liquidating my remaining inventory at prices you won’t find anywhere else. Genuine ACME Studio quality (NOS— new old stock). Very limited quantities available.


Refill Ink Cartridges

Use these ink cartridges with your ACME Studio Fountain Pen instead of the reservoir. Less messy than filling the reservoir from bottled ink. Pack of 6 sealed cartridges with BLUE ink.

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