How to make a bow tie with any fabric, using sewing patterns from

New Interactive Tutorial!

How To Make A Bow Tie

Using any fabric and paper bow tie sewing patterns from

This new interactive tutorial is designed to give you a step-by-step tutorial on making your own bow ties using my inexpensive printable bow tie sewing patterns.

Best in full-screen mode… here’s how:

  1. Start the presentation by clicking the Start Prezi icon Start Prezi. It will take a few seconds to load.
  2. Go full screen by clicking the icon in the lower right corner Full Screen. Prezi will ask “Allow full screen and keyboard control?” Click Allow.
  3. Press the ESC key to exit from full screen.

Go at your own pace. Use the → and ← keys on your keyboard, or the arrows on screen to go forward or back in the tutorial. Click the underlined links to visit related web pages. Have fun!


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