Large Straight Butterfly Bow Tie Pattern

Large Straight Butterfly Bow Tie Pattern from Large Straight Butterfly Bow Tie Pattern

More than two years ago, I was frustrated by the lack of quality bow tie templates or patterns available on the web so I decided to make my own. These are the same patterns I use to make the bow ties available on my site, so I know they work well.

The Large Straight Butterfly  Bow Tie Pattern shape is very similar to a regular butterfly bow tie, but it’s a little easier to cut and sew since there are no curves. The finished bow is about 2½″ high x 5¼″ wide when tied.

This Large Straight Butterfly Bow Tie Pattern makes a template for an adjustable Large Straight Butterfly Bow Tie. Complete instructions are included right on the pattern. The bow ties you can make with this pattern are adjustable in size from 14½″ to 20″ (you can add or subtract length too).  The pattern includes a ¼″ seam allowance. You can follow my free step-by-step tutorial (DIY Bow Tie Tutorial: Make Your Own Bow Ties) when using this pattern.

The pattern file (PDF) is available for immediate download once you complete checkout. You’ll need a PDF reader to open it (like Adobe Reader or Apple Preview). The link to download the pattern expires in 24 hours, so please download it to a safe spot you know you’ll be able to find (like your desktop).

PRICE: $1.29


(These instructions are printed right on the pattern, but included here for your reference prior to purchase.)

  1. Print the pattern. Be sure to turn off FIT TO PAGE or SCALING. The pattern will print on three pieces of US Letter size paper (8.5” x 11”) in LANDSCAPE mode.
  2. Using the grid in the background as a guide, tape together the three pages. The large squares are 1” square, and the small squares are .25” square. Check the size with a ruler to make sure your printer has not scaled the pattern larger or smaller.
  3. Cut out the two pattern pieces. You can use them as is, or transfer your pattern to a piece of thick cardboard or other sturdy material.

 Note: You’ll need a set of bow tie hardware to make an adjustable tie. If you don’t have the hardware, here’s how to alter the pattern to make a non-adjustable bow tie. The trick is in figuring out the right length to make it. I usually begin by adding 20″ to the neck size, Plus ½″ for the seam allowances. For example, if my neck size is 15½″ then I would make a tie pattern that is 36″ long from end to end. Once you have the correct length, simply tape the two halves of the pattern together at that length and proceed. 

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