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Download link expiry reminder alerts

I keep costs for my printable patterns to a minimum is by limiting the support offered and making sure they can’t be shared to unauthorized users. That means customers need to be able to download their files with little interaction from me, while at the same time unauthorized access is prevented. The system I use to distribute links to downloadable files limits access to 24 hours or 5 download attempts (whichever occurs first). The system works well, but what I’ve learned is that no matter how easy it is to do, some people just don’t read the warnings that links will expire if they don’t use them (or if they use them too much). It doesn’t matter that I state that on every page, and provide the links immediately after checkout on the screen, in your email, and in your logged-in account page. I’m not certain why anyone would want to pay for a downloadable file they don’t intend to access right away, but it happens, rarely.

But now I’ve added a new feature of the site: reminder emails! If you purchase a link that will expire, and you don’t download it right away, you’ll get a reminder email 12 hours before the link expires to let you know.

There isn’t really anything I can do about people who simply don’t check their email. But this should prevent the small number of users who purchase both a downloadable link and an item to be shipped from forgetting to download the file before it expires.

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