Lavaguy does POST 2013

I will be participating in Philadelphia Open Studio Tours October 5 & 6 (East of Broad) and October 19 & 20 (West of Broad). My bow ties will be on display (and for sale!) at The Resource Exchange in Port Richmond October 5 & 6, 2013. Two weekends later, on October 19 & 20th, my […]

Jack and Jacksons Handmade Bow Ties from templates designed by J. Thomson

Bow Ties are for Chickens

Who’s using my printable bow tie patterns (you may well ask)? Why, Jack & Jacksons of course! According to the Jack and Jacksons tumblr, they began making bow ties in the Spring of 2013 with my templates, and have since added their own.

Custom Presents

Bill J. of California models his new bespoke bow tie. This is a Butterfly Mod Geometric bow tie. He makes the best custom presents. —Amy J., Texas

Red w/ White Polka Dots - Bespoke Bow Ties for a Wedding

Bespoke Bow Ties for a Wedding

Here are a couple of bow ties for a wedding I just finished. The couple is having an informal private wedding. The groom asked me for a red bow tie with small white dots in a classic butterfly shape: I still wanted to surprise them, so I also made a matching bow tie for the […]

DIY Make Your Own Bow Ties -

DIY Bow Tie Tutorial: Make your own bow ties

New! This tutorial has been updated with the interactive presentation below. It’s best to watch it in full screen mode. Here’s how: Press the Start Prezi icon  to begin the tutorial. It will take a few seconds to load, depending on the speed of your internet connection. Click the Full Screen icon  in the lower right corner. Prezi […]