Butterfly Bow Ties by Julie

Butterfly bow ties by Julie I.

Julie I. of Kansas has been busy making bow ties! She started off last summer with the Butterfly Bow Tie printable sewing pattern, and recently upgraded to a Sturdy Acrylic Bow Tie Template to make the process of creating bow ties more accurate.

“Love making these!”

Julie says she likes using high-quality quilting cotton she buys from local quilt shops. “The patterns are so infinite and fun” she says. She’s been successful at selling them through word of mouth through friends, and at various charity events around town. Currently, she’s on the lookout for fabric with plungers and toilets on it (!!!) to make bow ties for a plumber. (If you don’t find any plumbing-themed fabric at your local quilt shops, Julie, you could try designing your own at Spoonflower.com!)

See more of Julie’s designs after the jump.

Butterfly bow ties by Julie I.

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