Aggressively Argyle: 7 DIY Bow-Ties from

Aggressively Argyle Bow Ties

Aggressively Argyle: 7 DIY argyle bow ties for 14 days of compliments. Only from

7 reversible DIY argyle bow ties for you to cut and sew, for two weeks’ worth of compliments. Each design has a large-scale argyle on one side, and a small-scale argyle print on the other side. Depending on how you tie the knot, you can create different looks by choosing which side to show prominently. You could even mix and match different colors when you sew the argyle bow ties to create your own custom color combinations!

The shape of these argyle bow ties is straight and narrow, which produces a slim bow tie measuring about 1½″ high by 5¼″ wide.

Each kit includes one yard of digitally-printed 100% organic cotton sateen and seven sets of hardware to make the bow ties adjustable in size. (Finished bow ties will fit necks from 14½″ to 20″.) You supply basic sewing skills and tools. (You’ll need scissors or rotary cutter and cutting matpinsthread and sewing machine.  Interfacing is optional.) Simple instructions are printed right on the fabric, or you can follow the step-by-step tutorial here.

DIY Argyle Bow Ties

Aggressively Argyle Collection: 7 DIY Bow Ties from

Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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About Argyle

The argyle pattern is derived from the tartan of Clan Campbell, of Argyll in western Scotland. It is used for kilts and plaids, and from the patterned socks worn by Scottish Highlanders since at least the 17th century. Argyle knitwear became fashionable in the United Kingdom and USA after the first World War. Argyle patterns in contemporary fashion are always in style because of the endless variety of colors and styles.

The specific argyle colors and patterns in this DIY argyle bow tie kit are contemporary interpretations, and have no direct associations or meaning (other than fashionable good looks!)

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