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who wear bow ties

wear them because 95% of people don't.

Don't be a conformist.

DIY Bow Tie Kits

Do-It-Yourself Bow Tie Kits include everything you need to make your own bow tie: pre-printed fabric with instructions, and hardware. Simply cut and sew! Only basic sewing techniques are used. And since the pattern is pre-printed on the fabric, you don’t have to bother with transferring any designs from a template onto the fabric.
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Printable Bow Tie Sewing Patterns

Make your own adjustable bow ties with these printable (PDF) bow tie sewing patterns! Choose from eight (8) shapes. Each pattern prints on 3 pages of US Letter or size A4 paper.
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Acrylic Bow Tie Templates

Four of the most popular bow tie patterns are available as sturdy laser-cut acrylic templates. Using these will ensure efficiency and accuracy when making bow ties—important for maintaining profitability.
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Printable Necktie Sewing Patterns

We're not just into bow ties, you know. We've got patterns for neckties too! Available in two widths—regular, and skinny.
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  • The patterns make for some good bowties... The instructions were very easy to follow. I have about 10 more bowties left to make and am excited to get them done.

  • Jack & Jacksons

  • Love making these!

    Julie I., Kansas

  • Here's a picture of a Bowie I made using your pattern.

    Jessika D., Quebec

  • I am very pleased with the bow tie patterns I purchased from you.

    Élise N., Montreal

  • Thank you so much providing these wonderful bow tie patterns and sewing instructions.

    Carlin T., California

  • He makes the best custom presents.

    Amy J., Texas

  • Bob B. shows off his newly-created DIY bow tie. This is “Griffith” from the Striped Sophisticate Collection.

    Bob B.

Free Guides

We offer free online tutorials, and free printable guides to help you learn how to make and wear bow ties and pocket squares.

How to make a bow tie

Our most popular tutorial! Follow this step-by-step lesson in how to make a bow tie with any fabric + patterns or templates from shop.lavaguy.com.
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How to Tie a Bow Tie

You say you want to wear a bow tie, but you don't know how to tie one? Tape up this printable guide by a mirror, and you'll have it down pat in no time flat.

How to Fold Pocket Squares

Learn how to wear a fancy pocket square with this free printable guide.

Use & Care of Templates

Download these instructions for the care and use of my sturdy acrylic bow tie templates, and they'll last a lifetime.

Whether you want to make just one bow tie or start a business selling them,
getting started is easy with my free How to make a bow tie tutorial,
and sewing patterns you can download and print.


J. Thomson

J. Thomson


Frustrated by the lack of quality bow-tie patterns available online, J. Thomson set out to draft his own in 2011. Since then, he's developed different styles purchased by thousands of users. Mr. Thomson has been wearing bow ties since he was one.


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How to make a bow tie with any fabric, using sewing patterns from shop.lavaguy.com

New Interactive Tutorial!

How To Make A Bow Tie Using any fabric and paper bow tie sewing patterns from shop.lavaguy.com This new interactive…

Finn Bow Tie by Carlin T.

Butterfly Bow Tie Dog Collar

Check out this adorable Butterfly Bow Tie dog collar made by Carlin T. of California (as modeled by Finn)! Carlin…

Butterfly Bow Ties by Julie

Julie I. of Kansas has been busy making bow ties! She started off last summer with the Butterfly Bow Tie…

“Le Noeud Papillon”

Élise N. of Montreal sent this kind letter and photo of the four bow ties she made for her son, using…



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