Butterfly Bow Ties by Julie

Butterfly bow ties by Julie I.

Julie I. of Kansas has been busy making bow ties! She started off last summer with the Butterfly Bow Tie printable sewing pattern, and recently upgraded to a Sturdy Acrylic Bow Tie Template to make the process of creating bow ties more accurate.

“Love making these!”

Julie says she likes using high-quality quilting cotton she buys from local quilt shops. “The patterns are so infinite and fun” she says. She’s been successful at selling them through word of mouth through friends, and at various charity events around town. Currently, she’s on the lookout for fabric with plungers and toilets on it (!!!) to make bow ties for a plumber. (If you don’t find any plumbing-themed fabric at your local quilt shops, Julie, you could try designing your own at Spoonflower.com!)

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“Le Noeud Papillon”

EliseNÉlise N. of Montreal sent this kind letter and photo of the four bow ties she made for her son, using printable bow tie patterns from shop.lavaguy.com. She made them out of solid red linen, which she says gives a garment “a life of its own.”

“They seem to be alive, they have a sort of little bounce of their own.”

She enjoyed making the bow ties so much, she’s even thinking of selling them in her area, since she was unable to buy suitable bow ties there. Good luck, Élise, and please let us know when your bow ties are ready for sale!

The photo she sent shows very well the differences between the four shapes: (top to bottom) Traditional Diamond Point, Diamond Point, Butterfly, and Straight & Narrow. They look so crisp and professional, don’t they? Good work, Élise!

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The Camouflage Collection: 7 DIY Bow Ties

The Camouflage Collection: DIY Bow Tie Kits designed to make you stand out.The Camouflage Collection is a suite of seven DIY camouflage bow ties designed to make you stand out. Each kit includes one fat quarter (28″ x 18″) of digitally-printed 100% organic cotton sateen and a set of hardware to make the bow tie adjustable in size from about 14½″ to 20″. You supply basic sewing skills and tools. (You’ll need scissors or rotary cutter and cutting matpinsthread and sewing machine.  Interfacing is optional.) Simple instructions are printed right on the fabric, or you can follow the step-by-step tutorial here. Also includes a handy How To Tie A Bow Tie guide, which can be helpful for beginners.

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Sturdy Acrylic Bow Tie Sewing Templates

Now Available Individually!

HandmadeByRobots_560You no longer have to do it yourself when it comes to getting your own set of sturdy acrylic bow tie sewing templates made! Now four of my most popular bow tie template styles are available individually, ready-made, and in-stock/ready to ship to you. No more fiddling with complicated design file instructions. No more figuring out the whole process of laser-cutting acrylic yourself. No more purchasing all of the shapes at once. And most importantly, no more waiting weeks for your templates to arrive! Bonus: they’re made by laser-wielding robots under my command! Continue reading