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Customers now have the option of adding their Twitter handles to their accounts at signup or checkout. If you do, when you make a purchase I’ll tweet about it tagging your @twitter_handle. And if your purchase is a downloadable file, and you haven’t downloaded it yet 10 minutes after your checkout completes, you’ll get a reminder tweet.

If you don’t want to participate, or don’t use Twitter… no big deal. Your order will still go through as usual.

Follow me on Twitter @bow_ties_by_lavaguy.

Download reminder alerts

New Feature!

Download link expiry reminder alerts

Download link expiry email

Users who fail to download their files within 12 hours will now receive a reminder email before the link expires.

I keep costs for my printable patterns to a minimum is by limiting the support offered and making sure they can’t be shared to unauthorized users. That means customers need to be able to download their files Continue reading

New Interactive Tutorial!

How To Make A Bow Tie

Using any fabric and paper bow tie sewing patterns from

This new interactive tutorial is designed to give you a step-by-step tutorial on making your own bow ties using my inexpensive printable bow tie sewing patterns.

Best in full-screen mode… here’s how:

  1. Start the presentation by clicking the Start Prezi icon Start Prezi. It will take a few seconds to load.
  2. Go full screen by clicking the icon in the lower right corner Full Screen. Prezi will ask “Allow full screen and keyboard control?” Click Allow.
  3. Press the ESC key to exit from full screen.

Go at your own pace. Use the → and ← keys on your keyboard, or the arrows on screen to go forward or back in the tutorial. Click the underlined links to visit related web pages. Have fun!